Solar Winds, Not Gravity, Move the Planets and Govern Atomic Movement; New Theory Refutes 400-Year Old Assumptions about Gravity.

Pioneering scientists redefine the forces that influence movement within our solar system and invite scientists, theorists and solar system experts to contribute to “More than Gravity” hypothesis.

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We can only accomplish scientific advances through collaboration. In the truest spirit of the scientific community, we are asking for your perspective and knowledge around a new theory on one of science’s most important areas – gravity.

Please review our theory and help shape it further. Your opinion is extremely valuable to us.

Through More than Gravity, scientific and engineering experts Gerhard and Kevin Neumaier have established a relationship between solar winds and a quantized order in both the position and velocity of the solar system’s planets, and movement at an atomic level, with both governed by the same set of physics.

Based on research and data collection spanning 50 years, the Neumaiers’ intellectually-bold theory is a rational effort to provide clarity where widely held notions regarding gravity theory fall short. Their observations bring into question the Big Bang Theory, the concept of black holes, gravitational waves and gravitons. The current theory regarding gravity should be considered incomplete.